Welcome to Rug Gallery Flooring

Rug Gallery Flooring is located in the quaint historical downtown area of Zionsville and has been known for its large selection of rugs since it opened its doors in 1981.

Customers always have a look of surprise on their face the first time they walk through our doors because of the exquisite selection of rugs that meet them once they pass through the modest doors. It is very rare to find a rug store that allows its customers to shop for a high end oriental rug or a budget friendly braided rug in the same trip, but Rug Gallery Flooring specializes in meeting the needs of every single customer.

Whether you need a small rug, a dining room rug, or a luxury rug for a grand entrance way we have more than enough options to choose from. The Rug Gallery Flooring Company offers the best selection of rugs in the region so that you can easily find everything from rugs to carpets to hardwoods and tile all in one location.

We work hard to create a friendly and pressure free atmosphere inside of the Rug Gallery so that you can freely browse and make your own decisions at your own pace. We also work hard with our manufacturers to make sure you pay a fair price every time.

If you need a new rug walk down Main Street and look for our dark blue awning. We will be happy to meet you.

“For 32 years we have been offering the finest in flooring fashion on the brick street. As a family owned business we are committed to serving our customers like we would our own family.  You’ve got a friend in the flooring business stop in today for a visit.” Tom & Karen King, Owner’s
Free Estimates – Call Today 317-873-6139

Free Estimates - Call Today 317-873-6139